Strawberries For Skincare...Oh really?

Strawberries For Skincare...Oh really?
Summer is here and the sun is shining on us (unless you’re in the northeast where the seasons are confusing everyone). Strawberries have peaked and are making the perfect addition to summer salads, breakfasts and smoothies. 
But did you know...They also make the perfect addition to your skincare routine. NOW, before you go rubbing strawberries all over your face, keep reading.

The big benefits of strawberry for skin care lie in the tiny seeds on the outside of the fruit. Somebody, somewhere, takes those little seeds and cold presses them extracting the unscented oil that lends essential fatty acids (think omega-3s for your face), anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties to Bel Homme’s Strawberry Ginger Beard Butter. Because nourishing the skin nourishes the beard.

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