Summer Skin is glowing....

Summer Skin is glowing....

   Summer Skin is glowing and we are remembering that to keep melanin magical sunscreen is a must, right? No. Well, keep reading so we can get into how to treat that skin after a long day of sunbathing.

First, let me say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Rid yourself of the belief that people with more melanin don’t need sunscreen because it is NOT TRUE.  You should be protecting your skin against UV rays daily and most definitely during periods of prolonged sun exposure. 

So now that we have returned from a fun filled day, let us rehydrate and renew our skin so that it can continue glowing. 

Aloe Vera- Research has shown that aloe vera helps with mild sunburns due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  It aids the skin in healing and can be useful for fending off the peeling that is associated with damage to the skin caused by sunburn.  Aloe vera directly from the plant is obviously the most effective but commercial products such as aloe vera gel and aloe vera oil can also be helpful.  Read the ingredients…If aloe vera is not the first or second ingredient, move on. The more diluted the product is, the less helpful it will be. For my family, our post beach routine includes cracking open a leaf and rubbing a thin layer of the gel right onto the skin post shower.  You can also spot treat across areas such as your nose, shoulders or scalp.  Aloe Vera is also moisturizing so it’s a great way to get some moisture back into the skin after playing in the sand and salt water. Best served chilled!

Coconut Oil-Po’ it up! Po’ it up! Coconut oil has become well known for its amazing skin nourishing properties.  When using this product for over exposure to the sun, you first want to make sure you’re done baking.  With its high levels of saturated fat, rubbing this on burning skin will only make the burn worse, so cool down first.  Take a cool shower or apply a cool compress to the area for 15 minutes then rub the coconut oil into the skin.  The high fat content of coconut oil will definitely re-moisturize and reduce dryness and it may also help reduce the healing time.  Coconut oil also has a low SPF(7.1) so it can also add a little protection power to your current sunscreen.

Vitamin E- It’s perfect for the skin before and after sunburn.  Research has found that vitamin E provides protection and some prevention of skin changes associated with sunburn such as redness, swelling and irritation.  Over exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays creates free radicals, vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which hooks up with those free radicals saving your skin from their damage on a cellular level.  Make sure your vitamin E oil is in its purest form for the best results.  We suggest cooling the affected area and then working the oil into the skin however, vitamin E is not high is fats so if you don’t get to the shower before you rub the oil on, you’ll be fine.

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***This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such.  We always recommend doing a spot test with products if it is your first time using them, allergies happen. When in doubt, seek ye first your primary care provider!

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